An exact scriptural way to devote yourself completely towards god.

Surrender yourself to God

There are six important symptoms to surrender to God which are explained in Chaitanya Charitamrita. These symptoms will take you close towards god and also you’ll experience that mercy of god personally.

1. I will only do what is favorable for unalloyed devotion

Two types of devotional service vaidhi-bhakti & raganuga-bhakti

There are certain miserable conditions that many of you in this age of kali would never know that you are doing an great offense. This condition is being treated with joy and being worshiped by some ill-minded personalities.

1. Tamisra

One who tries to be one with the supreme lord (mayavadi).

Source: motherlap

These philosophy is being rooted in Buddhism by Lord Buddha. They don’t care about scriptures or Vedas. Lord Buddha appeared in a high-grade ksatriya king family, but his philosophy was not according to Vedas. Later under a hindu king…

Learning from the book ‘Essentialism’

  1. Choose: What is the ONE thing which you would love to do your entire life, choose it.
  2. Discern: (The Unimportance of Practically Everything) Rest all things are absolutely unimportant.
  3. Trade-off: Which Problem Do I Want?
  4. Escape: Escape from your daily routine and find some time to explore your life.
  5. Look…


A learner and servant's servant of Lord Krishna.

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